South Africa Partners

South Africa Partners builds mutually beneficial partnerships between the United States and South Africa in the areas of health and education. Serving as a catalyst of innovative approaches, South Africa Partners links people, strengthens communities, promotes social justice and fosters leadership in both countries.


We believe universal access to quality healthcare and education are prerequisites for securing a just democracy, and that the shared experiences in South Africa and in the United States offer common ground from which to forge lasting and productive programs that bring us closer to this ideal.

Our Focus

Throughout our work we strive to:

  • Facilitate meaningful partnerships that build the capacity of South African organizations.
  • Nurture strategic collaborations and the sharing of best practices between the United States and South Africa.
  • Strengthen people-to-people relationships between those living in South Africa and the United States to promote justice and democracy.

To read our 2015 Annual report, click here (pdf).