Cornerstone Ministries

Cornerstone Ministries Inc. can best be described as an organization created to address the spiritual, cultural, intellectual, and social needs of the sons and daughters of the African Diaspora who have been drawn to the Northeast region of the United States for the outstanding educational and career opportunities in this region.

Cornerstone Ministries' goal is to foster the spiritual, cultural, intellectual, and social growth and development of those persons drawn to the vision of Cornerstone Ministries. The projected outcome for those who take part in the various activities of Cornerstone Ministries is not only individual growth and development but also to develop a keen sense of obligation to share their gifts and talents with the various aspects of the communities where they live and work – churches, families, community organizations, and educational institutions.

Contact Cornerstone Ministries:
(339) 224-1906 (voicemail)
(781) 723-5946 (fax)