Upcoming Events

The Open Door Gallery promotes the work of artists with disabilities and shifts our community's perceptions of ability while enjoying quality art.
In this half-day workshop, you will spend time identifying and understanding which values are implicit, which are explicit and how the design of your current human resources systems helps to support or contradict those values. Participants will spend time developing a plan to improve this alignment within their organizations. 
Learn how participatory facilitation can create settings and conversations that cultivate leadership among people impacted by social injustice.
Presented by the Center to Support Immigrant Organizing, this workshop will focus on the root causes of migration from Central America’s Northern Triangle. Participants will explore the conditions that are uprooting migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and why they are traveling north to Mexico and the United States.
Boston Scores presents our 2019 Poets' Banquet. Paired with the 20h Annual Poetry Slam, the Banquet highlights the top 15+ student performers out of 390 elementary students who performed in the Annual Slam this past November at the historic Strand Theatre, and a select number of student-athletes from America Scores New York.
Given the national discourse around LGBTQ+ rights and the #MeToo movement, many nonprofits are exploring how they can create more inclusive environments and foster greater gender equity in the workplace. This interactive, fun workshop will explore issues around gender bias, gender identity and sexual orientation and how biases around these topics can impact organizational policies and practices.
Nonprofit professionals often find themselves frustrated by the way the public thinks and talks about the issues they care about. That broad public conversation — also called the public narrative — shapes the way our audiences consider the problems we seek to solve, and the solutions we propose to solve them. Shifting that narrative to one that is more complete, productive, or just plain accurate can be a bewildering prospect for any advocate.
This workshop will take program and front line staff through a series of questions and group activities that will help them design an effective logic model to propel their organization.