Upcoming Events

Adaptive Yoga is designed for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, people recovering from injuries, and people with mobility impairments. The class is open to people of all abilities, and any modifications can be made.
Through June 3 - The Open Door Gallery promotes the work of artists with disabilities and shifts our community's perceptions of ability while enjoying quality art.
For nonprofit professionals who are leading strategic and creative initiatives, the “Innovation Boot Camp” is an all-day workshop that walks participants through a comprehensive design-thinking process. This will be a hands-on, rigorous, fast moving experience, especially designed for the nonprofit sector.
What are the situations black organizers and movement builders face in South America? What are the connections between black struggles there and here in the US? Can a hemispheric black movement be built?

DS4SI is hosting a small group of Afro-Colombian activist women from Casa Cultural el Chontaduro, a completely grassroots and autonomous organization at the heart of the largest Black neighborhood in Cali.
Whether you are raising money for a larger capital campaign or a smaller “bite-sized” campaign, it usually takes more preparation than you think. You need to clarify your organization’s strategic needs, recruit board members and key volunteers, engage your donors with your vision of the future, ensure the infrastructure to manage the work, and more. It’s not just a ‘bigger’ appeal, it means supporting a huge effort over an extended period of time. Capital campaigns are a lot of hard work, but they can pay off handsomely.
Come join evolutionary behavioral scientists from around the globe as the Northeastern Evolutionary Psychology Society descends upon Boston to advance our understanding of what it means to be human.
Successful supervisors start with curiosity and awareness of their own supervisory and communication style, as well as their particular cultural lens. By expanding their view and skillfully shifting these default approaches, they can more fully develop staff and maximize performance.
Gen2Gen’s new series, “Beyond Subsidized Housing: Big Ideas To Solve Boston’s Big Housing Crisis,” will continue with its second installment on Tuesday, June 18.
We look forward to congratulating our new graduates as they enter the tech workforce and toasting to the partnerships that have made our launch in Greater Boston possible.