Roots of Migration: US Immigration Policy Past and Present


Roots of Migration: US Immigration Policy Past and Present

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6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Event Presenter: 
TSNE MissionWorks Better Nonprofit Management Series with the Center to Support Immigrant Organizing
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Presented by the Center to Support Immigrant Organizing and their Teen and Young Adult Immigrant Leaders, this interactive workshop will give participants historical and current context for the root causes of migration to the United Stated. CSIO has a fifteen year history of supporting organizers, leaders and activists in overcoming barriers to justice for immigrant communities. A firm understanding on the how and why people migrate to the United States is the bedrock on which effective support of these populations are built.

Learning Objectives

  • The legacy of U.S. immigration policy since the country’s inception - who has been ‘in,’ ‘out” and why.
  • Current political and global economic factors that cause people to seek safety and survival in the U.S.
  • A historical overview of migration patterns through each century of U.S. and the similarities and difference between those populations.
  • What individuals can do today to take direct action to support a more just immigration system in the U.S.

Target Audience

Individuals who:

  • Seek to understand the root causes of migration and the legacy of U.S. immigration policy
  • Want to learn about immigrant communities in greater Boston
  • Are motivated to make change in their respective communities.

About the Trainers

CSIO Co-Founders and Co-Directors have extensive experience in community and labor organizing with immigrant populations. Luz Zambrano has worked as a labor organizer, community organizer, immigration counselor and project director for a number of labor and community groups. Kevin Whalen has worked as an organizer and director of community organizations based in immigrant and low-income populations. CSIO’s teen and young adult immigrant leaders developed and piloted the Roots of Migration workshop in 2017-18 for their peers in community groups, congregations and schools prior to presenting it for the Better Nonprofit Management series.


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