Ranked Choice Voting: Can it Help Elect More Women?


Ranked Choice Voting: Can it Help Elect More Women?

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6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus
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Join the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus to learn more about ranked choice voting and how it might change elections in the Commonwealth. Ranked choice voting (RCV) is a voting system that allows voters to rank many candidates on a ballot in order of preference rather than choosing one candidate. MWPC poses important questions - could this system help more women succeed? Would it eliminate some of the barriers to running or the obstacles they encounter on the campaign trail? This is an educational opportunity open to the public for free, featuring Adam Friedman, Executive Director of Voter Choice Massachusetts and Eneida Roman, Co-Founder of the Latina Circle & Amplify Latinx.

Supporters of RCV in Massachusetts elections: https://www.voterchoicema.org/supporters

About RCV: https://www.voterchoicema.org/about_rcv