(Through September 12) Open Door Gallery: Arielle Gray "Dreams and Tings"


(Through September 12) Open Door Gallery: Arielle Gray "Dreams and Tings"

Event Time: 
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Event Presenter: 
VSA MA: The State Organization on Arts and Disability


Treading the line of surreal and grotesque, writer and multi-media artist Arielle Gray turns her dreams and hallucinations into visual points of entry for the exploration of mental health and Afro-Caribbean identity. Born to a Black American mother and a Jamaican father, Gray was diagnosed with clinical depression at age 19 and subsequently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at 22. Each piece represents a dreamscape, an other-wordly space that she's experienced and written about. In these worlds, black deities roam, space and time have no meaning, and convening with ancestors is a quotidienne part of life. Utilizing textural elements like yarn and string that recall the lineage of knitting and crocheting in her family and more modern methods like digital manipulation and photography, Gray blends the boundaries of what is reality and what is dreaming, interrogating our culture's propensity to demonize both black bodies and the mentally ill.

"Dreams and Tings" is part of the Prisms: Perspectives on Hidden Disability series, and will be on view through September 12.

VSA MA's Open Door Gallery promotes the work of artists with disabilities and shifts our community's perceptions of ability while enjoying quality art.

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