Grassroots Speaker Series: Roslindale IS for Everyone


Grassroots Speaker Series: Roslindale IS for Everyone

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11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Event Presenter: 
Roslindale IS for Everyone and TSNE MissionWorks

What began in November 2016 as a group of 60 activists concerned about immigrant rights and the erosion of progressive policies has grown into a network of over 650 neighbors. RISE formed to resist oppressive policies and act on values promoting an inclusive, fair, multi-cultural democracy. RISE members work to respond to federal mandates, inspire civic action, and intentionally build a strong sense of community. RISE publishes a monthly newsletter to highlight important news and policy updates, upcoming events, community partnerships, and action items. 

The RISE Immigrant Rights Working Group is extremely active. The group organizes neighborhood-based ‘Know Your Rights’ workshops, legal clinics, and outreach.  They have distributed more than 3,000 wallet-sized ‘Know Your Rights Red Cards’ in Spanish, Haitian Creole and English. About 200 neighbors advocated over many months for passage of the Safe Communities Act at the State House. The group focuses on forming relationships with ESOL programs, neighborhood schools, faith communities and small businesses.

Join us on April 24th to hear from Wilda Perez, Ingrid Lechuga, Aileen Montour and Jaime Pullen, four members of RISE’s Immigrant Rights Working Group as they discuss the work of last year and plans for the work ahead.

About the Grassroots Speaker Series

In the midst of today’s hostile political climate, grassroots organizers remind us that the struggles of oppressed people are not new. TSNE MissionWorks, with our long history of nonprofit capacity building, seeks to use our platform to lift up the voices of grassroots community organizers working on some of our society’s most pressing issues.

The series highlights the creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience of local community organizers. Our speakers will share how their lived experiences shape their organizing and the difficulties they face leading grassroots organizations.

Our speakers will explain how audience members can get involved in supporting their work, and may include a facilitated action step during their talks. We hope that attendees will leave with ideas about how to continue to support these important organizations and causes in their own lives – as nonprofit workers, funders, students, or community members.