Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work


Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work

Event Detail: 
November 29 to 30
Event Presenter: 
Interaction Institute for Social Change
Event Cost: 
Non-profit rate: $650.00; Foundation rate: $1,000.00

Are you looking for new ways to help people who are different from one another talk about racism and then figure out what to do together?

Have you ever been leading a group and been stopped in your tracks by someone’s comment or question?

In our work as leaders, knowing about structural racism and understanding the difference between “inclusion” and “equity” are one thing; being effective at helping other people talk about them is another. The workshop will deepen your skills to do just that.

- To develop practical skills and tools for guiding others through productive conversations about race, racism, and racial justice that build understanding and agreement
- To provide a forum for you to address your challenges and aspirations as a facilitator and in your racial justice work
- To experience well-facilitated conversations about racism and racial justice from which you can learn
- To build a community of practice of racial justice facilitators

This two-day workshop focuses on what we believe to be five essential practices of racial justice leadership:
- Understand Racial Identity Development
- Understand the System of Racialization
- See Systems & Weave Networks
- Facilitate Understanding and Agreement
- Discover Shared Meaning
Workshop participants should enter this workshop already having some level of familiarity with racial justice concepts.

This workshop is focused primarily on discussions that lead to action, not open-ended dialogues or racial healing work. In addition, while the larger organizational change or movement building strategies within which conversations about racial justice might be situated are important, we do not have space in this workshop to dive deeply into those strategies.
Non-profit rate: $650.00
Foundation rate: $1,000.00

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