Decoding the New Tax Law: the Impact on Donors and Nonprofits


Decoding the New Tax Law: the Impact on Donors and Nonprofits

Event Detail: 
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Event Presenter: 
Women in Development of Greater Boston
Event Cost: 
$20 for members $35 for non-members

The recent federal tax reform has many of us in the non-profit world wondering—how will this affect us? Is fundraising about to get much more difficult? Or easier? What else will change for non-profits, outside of fundraising? How can we best prepare?.

Team members from Kevin P. Martin & Associates, P.C. will share insights. Join us for a presentation that will address the new tax laws, their potential positives for non-profits, and how to navigate impending challenges. Attendees will learn how the tax reform will impact:

  • Individuals’ taxes and their philanthropy
  • Corporations’ taxes and their charitable contributions
  • Non-profits themselves, beyond their donors

Audience/Target Market: All non-profit professionals seeking to learn more about how the new tax laws will impact individual donors, corporate supporters, and non-profits in general. Development professionals, executive directors, and board members are encouraged to attend.

Remember, it’s a WID networking tradition to swap business cards – bring yours!