Boston Beyond Badging Focus Group


Boston Beyond Badging Focus Group

Event Time: 
12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Event Presenter: 
Boston Beyond
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Boston Beyond's Badging Initiative recognizes underserved middle and high school students for their Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Communication, and/or Perseverance skill development in extracurricular settings. As students participate in their out-of-school-time programs, they develop a portfolio that encapsulates their skill development and if all criteria are met at the end of program, are awarded a badge.

We are holding a focus group with those who are familiar with hiring/admissions for either middle or high school jobs/programs/college. We are looking for participatns to provide insight on how we can enhance our current badging and portfolio system to better support students in using them for college and employment opportunities. No preparation ahead of time is required, only your presence at the focus group is requested.