Building Corporate Partnerships w/o Losing Your Mission or Mind

Are you building corporate partnerships for your nonprofit, or interested in exploring the field of corporate fundraising? Learn from our panel of experienced professionals on how to build effective corporate partnerships. We will explore elements of the partnership lifecycle, including: how to find corporate champions, pitching a company with their interests in mind, how to communicate the impact of their partnership, employee engagement, and much more.

Effective Supervision: Creating a Culture of Mutual Respect (May)

(This workshop is full.) Effective supervision contributes directly to mission effectiveness for your nonprofit. It is critical to maintaining a productive staff in the face of shifting and competing priorities. Strong supervision creates a culture of mutual respect in which employees and supervisors communicate regularly and clearly about job-related expectations, tasks and overall performance.

The Battle for Hearts and Minds

Frustrated by the way the public thinks and talks about the issues you care about? This workshop will break through the mystique of the public narrative, present clear strategies to identify the current state of hearts and minds around your cause, and offer ways you can begin to shift the way people think.

Beyond Diversity to Inclusion

How do organizations create an environment where people feel they can actively participate, where their contributions are respected and valued? This workshop is about taking that next step toward moving beyond the individualism of diversity to the systemic and cultural change needed to build inclusive organizations.

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