Roots of Migration: US Immigration Policy Past and Present

Presented by the Center to Support Immigrant Organizing and their Teen and Young Adult Immigrant Leaders, this interactive workshop will give participants historical and current context for the root causes of migration to the United Stated. CSIO has a fifteen year history of supporting organizers, leaders and activists in overcoming barriers to justice for immigrant communities. A firm understanding on the how and why people migrate to the United States is the bedrock on which effective support of these populations are built.

Finance for Poets

The Finance for Poets workshop is designed for nonprofit leaders who do not have formal training or deep experience in accounting or financial management. It is especially focused on helping these leaders overcome the barriers of jargon and intimidation that obstruct them from engaging fully in financial discussions with colleagues, board members, and external stakeholders.

Becoming a Power Presenter

Learn to be a powerful presenter! Not everyone feels comfortable in front of a crowd. Whether it’s presenting an informal report, delivering a keynote speech, or simply speaking up during a meeting, finding your true and confident voice can be a challenge. Using a theater-derived approach and practical “on-your-feet” exercises, this workshop will give you the tools required to engage your audience with warmth, confidence and clarity.

Battle for Hearts and Minds

Nonprofit professionals often find themselves frustrated by the way the public thinks and talks about the issues they care about. That broad public conversation — also called the public narrative — shapes the way our audiences consider the problems we seek to solve, and the solutions we propose to solve them. Shifting that narrative to one that is more complete, productive, or just plain accurate can be a bewildering prospect for any advocate.


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