Battle for Hearts and Minds

Nonprofit professionals often find themselves frustrated by the way the public thinks and talks about the issues they care about. That broad public conversation — also called the public narrative — shapes the way our audiences consider the problems we seek to solve, and the solutions we propose to solve them. Shifting that narrative to one that is more complete, productive, or just plain accurate can be a bewildering prospect for any advocate.

Leadership Across Generations

For anyone with the ambition to join the next generation of industry leaders, so much of the conversation — and even research — that drives our discussions about who is ready for leadership is about how to change ourselves externally to make a better impression: how we speak, how we dress, how we present ourselves, which projects we take on, how late we can be seen working in the office, and who we spend time with.

Effective Supervision (Oct)

Effective supervision contributes directly to mission effectiveness at your nonprofit. It is critical to maintaining a productive staff in the face of shifting and competing priorities. Strong supervision creates a culture of mutual respect in which employees and supervisors communicate regularly and clearly about job-related expectations, tasks and overall performance.

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