Create a Nonprofit Center

Nonprofit centers consciously embrace and implement strategies aimed at building a community of nonprofits.

Nonprofit multi-tenant centers are not a new idea. However, since the mid-1990s there has been a surge in multi-tenant nonprofit centers due to rising rents and increasing financial challenges for nonprofits. Multi-tenant centers, or co-locations, for nonprofits are succeeding in offering affordable, quality workspace that also builds on and enhances cross-organizational collaboration and community.

Boston’s NonProfit Center is part of a larger community of progressive multi-tenant centers, the Nonprofit Centers Network. Although Boston possesses a large number of nonprofits, the NonProfit Center concept is still unique to the city.

The center succeeds by fostering close relationships with vendors, other nonprofits and the community-at-large. Each connection sows the seeds of the future both within and beyond the center’s doors.