By working together more can be achieved for our community.

Members of the NonProfit Center of Boston believe that by working together much more can be achieved with and for the center's nonprofit members, the larger nonprofit community, and for the residents of Greater Boston and beyond. The environmentally sustainable NonProfit Center fosters a physical and philosophical environment that nurtures and supports our community of organizations.

We are committed to:

  • Educating our community of nonprofits and ourselves on public policy issues related to social and economic change and to disseminating that information throughout the nonprofit sector and the larger community.
  • Communicating with our family of nonprofits and sharing resources through participation in communication networks and community building programs.
  • Learning about and responding to community issues that affect our center's work.
  • Implementing practices that are environmentally sound and contribute to the overall sustainability of the center.

The NonProfit Center provides an environment of stability and collaboration that helps members succeed in an increasingly challenging environment. Tenants share a commitment to communicate with and educate each other about program and advocacy work.